Chalk & Blade are storytellers with an ear for the unusual

Laura Sheeter spent more than ten years working for the BBC – reporting from, and living in, countries including Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the USA. Laura is insatiable in her hunt to find untold stories to share with listeners - many of which have been aired on the BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4. She has made radio in the frozen bunker of a derelict Cold-War-era nuclear missile launch site, and while wading through the sweltering swamps of Louisiana. She has produced and reported news from the UN, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the story of the international incident sparked by a small bear sailing a chunk of ice across the Baltic Sea. Laura is a firm believer in passing on skills to the next generation. She has taught journalism at universities in the USA, and teaches radio and podcasting to students at London College of Communication. She is also a qualified Russian to English translator.

Ruth Barnes has written and presented music doc's for BBC Radio 4. As a national BBC radio reporter she's been live from the likes of the Glastonbury festival and the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. She has presented features from as far afield as WOMAD Abu Dhabi and Tribeca Doha and reviews music for Radio 4’s Front Row. Ruth spent many years producing music programmes for the BBC World Service, including working with the legendary Charlie Gillet. She also wrote and presented features for the Radio 2 Arts Show about subjects including Samuel Beckett, Turner Contemporary and the West End. In 2006 Ruth started her own internet radio show The Other Woman, a platform to showcase new music from female artists. Ruth is an acknowledged authority on women in music - The Independent calls her a ‘Pop pioneer who knows what women want’. Ruth is also a voiceover artist, clients include The Tate, The National Gallery and BBC TV.



You have something to say - stories to tell, news to share, or an opinion to air. There are people out there who want to hear from you, but how do you reach them? Chalk & Blade will help you bridge that gap - turning your podcasting dreams into reality. Our personalised, flexible and creative approach means we can meet your needs - whether for a regular newsy podcast bulletin, a sleek and smart discussion show, or a finely crafted long-form audio adventure.

We are experts in creating the finest audio – recording in the studio or out on location, we will capture the essence of your story and turn it into compelling podcasts. From initial planning through production, editing and final delivery, we work closely with you, to help you connect with and grow your audience, building a loyal following who want to share your stories with others.


We will use our expertise in writing for the ear, to express your message in a way that’s true to you, and we’ll match it with the right presentation – whether that is by working with professional voice artists, or a well-known artist who embodies your brand, or by giving you the training and confidence to get behind the mic yourself and let your listeners hear directly from you.


We know where to place your podcast so that it finds the people who want to listen, and how to tailor it so that the people who are looking will be able to find it. We can advise you on the most effective distribution platforms, whether that is iTunes, Acast or any of a host of smartphone podcasting apps, or via specialist blogs or online fan communities. Afterall, why make a beautiful piece of audio, if you’re not going to make sure people know about it?


We love listening to great audio, and we want there to be more of it in the world. So, if you already have a podcast, but need some expert advice – whether that be on presentation, production, branding or a full makeover – we offer a consultancy service. We look forward to hearing your stories.